Seizures – Symptoms & Treatment

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Seizure Symptoms

Seizures are a sudden surge of electrical activity in the brain that affect how a person feels or acts for a short period of time. They are most commonly caused by injuries and diseases. They may also be caused by drug use, birth defects and genetic conditions. They are a symptom of many different disorders that affect the brain. Some may be barely noticeable, and others may be completely disabling.

Partial vs Generalized Seizure Symptoms

Physicians have described more than 30 different types. They are divided into two categories – partial and generalized seizures. Partial occurs on only one side of the brain, and generalized occurs on both sides of the brain. Advanced brain scans and other techniques allow greater accuracy in diagnosing seizure disorders and determining when a patient may be helped by surgery and medication.

Seizure Treatment for Emergencies

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