Transfer Services

Transfer services are provided by AOK Emergency Room to ensure each patient receives the highest level of emergency care. You may be asking yourself, what is a transfer service? Why would I use a transfer service? A transfer service is defined as patient transportation from one location to another based on further healthcare requirements. A transfer service would need to be initiated if, for example, a patient required over-night stay for heart-attack treatment and recovery.Therefore, when our emergency room patients require ongoing critical care or an overnight stay, we have transfer service agreements with numerous major Houston hospitals.

At AOK Emergency Room, we provide fast, comprehensive information to your primary care physician, pediatrician or specialist to ensure the transfer of your care is effortless. This transfer of medical information is imperative for the proper follow-up care.

No doctor? No Problem. We will arrange for a specialist to provide for your care.

The hospitals AOK Emergency Room has transfer agreements with include, but are not limited to the hospitals below:

  • Memorial Herman Memorial City
  • Memorial Herman – Medical Center
  • Methodist
  • St. Lukes
  • Texas Children’s Hospital
  • Kindred Hospital
  • Victory Hospital
  • MD Anderson